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Hire a blockchain developer today!

Back Hire a blockchain developer today!

Are you still wondering to adopt blockchain? Then move fast because blockchain is already set to change how the technology works!

From disrupting the bank transfers and International remittances to the handling of medical records, the shared ledger technology has become the hotspot for business transactions and innovations. But before we get into more of its implications on businesses, let's discuss more on its technology front and how it works.

How CIA and NSA can stop data breaches in future!

Back How CIA and NSA can stop data breaches in future!

“Is my data safe?” or “Has my software development team plugged in all security issues?”

These are very critical questions for any product manager or business head to wonder since witnessing high number of data breaches in even the top most highly secured organizations. The recent leak of internal CIA documents on Wikileaks about cracking digital communications has further left many modern internet, smartphones and internet-connected devices organizations  in a state of shock.