Attrition, a big challenge for tech startups!

Back Attrition, a big challenge for tech startups!

Honing technical skills of an existing tech team is the biggest challenge that any technology manager faces today.  In this fast-changing technology space, attracting, retaining and nurturing tech talent is perhaps the most important task towards building winning technology teams.

Nothing is constant!

I have come across many new tech startups where they are hit by attritions more frequently than a bug. They raise the seed fund, pull across the best tech talent to start with but fail to retain and nurture them. Such untimely attritions push back the whole team months behind their market competitors and eventually leads to shutdowns. 

But it is not their fault. People like to keep their cards close. Right from the idea, to prototype and till deployment of services and beyond, they are guided to build and nurture their own tech team. Few who are able to grow faster, attract more money, pick a fast pace track and sustain and nurture the team; others just fall apart.

I see technology as an enabler, a support for most of the businesses and startups. And that is what many startup founders fail to understand. They get too busy in developing and improving tech that they fail to give time to essential business activities. The hardest decision that they face is whether to keep the core tech to themselves or to outsource. And since the traditional outsourcing settings have not coped well technical advancements in general, they prefer to harbor their own tech teams.

I believe that current startup ecosystem needs a more supporting tech ecosystem that should assist them more like an extended team. Startup can grow lean and agile by utilizing larger capacities of tech partners. It is the time to lead the change in conventional tech outsourcing systems. Now is the time to collaborate deep with startups in reiterating their strategy and products.

And this is our vision at AgileAxis Inc. Under our Start-Ups Collaborator Initiative, we are helping businesses and startups to turn their vision into reality by providing top-end tech consulting at affordable costs and help them build a culturally fit tech team. We dedicate an account manager to each startup and understand their requirement, their vision, and the overall work culture. Once we have a better understanding of gaps in the team and their requirement, we hunt for killer resources through multiple interview rounds to enable hiring from a pool of pre-selected candidates. We work on “No-Bench” model and hire dedicated teams since one solution does not fit all. We ensure daily overlap time for all the team members to fast pace software development and business decisions.

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