Is cultural fit really important while hiring?

Back Is cultural fit really important while hiring?

Have you ever pondered upon the thought that how do recruiters hire a candidate, whether based on skill set fit or based on cultural fit? Well one should understand that both are equally important and sometimes cultural fit takes an edge over skill set fit. Because, you can always teach skills, but you can’t teach values and personality to fit in a team.

Cultural fit comprises of characteristics, language, and values that exist within the organisation's culture. And the question hiring managers should be looking to answer is, does this candidate’s values align with those of the company, be they work-life balance, corporate mission or how to handle a customer phone call.

While most companies still resort to finding persons with the most experience and degrees from the best schools, the hiring firms have begun to realize that in many industries even the most qualified candidate that doesn’t mesh well with the Company culture often leads to poor work quality, decreased job satisfaction and highly toxic environment.

If we are well aware of the fact that how being culturally fit is extremely important, then why do we get it wrong most of the times? Usually because we often get attracted to a resume or any LinkedIn profile that fits perfectly with the job function we are trying to fill. Or sometimes, we are afraid that if we lose our potential candidate our competitors might benefit from them. And this all results in rash hiring decisions without even analysing that a person is an ideal cultural fit or not.

If one can combine finding the right people who share the cultural beliefs with effective and ongoing training and professional development you will see winning results. We understand that it’s very difficult to find that ideal candidate who has the skills you need yesterday, but there are some simple ways to assess culture fit that won't slow you down by asking the right questions, like:

  • Why do you believe you are the best candidate to work here, outside of your technical expertise?

  • From what you have seen, how would you describe this company's culture?

  • How well do you believe you fit in?

  • What's most important to you about an ideal workplace environment?

Hiring based on culture and values increases retention immensely. But it's not just about what's right for the company, it's also about what's best for the candidate. If you bring them in for their expertise, knowing that they possibly aren't the best culture fit, that isn't fair to them either. They will thrive more in an environment that suits their beliefs and values. So let them spread their wings somewhere else and find the individual that will be with you for the long haul.