Hiring tips while scaling up

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The toughest time for any business is when it is ready to scale, needs to hire extensively but still needs to manage a larger team well within its cost structure. The problem arises when you move too fast with hiring that many a times, you end up making a wrong call. That holds true for even larger established companies which can afford hiring and firing simultaneously; but it hampers the speed and execution plans for any fast scaling business or a startup.

Usually the businesses go around it in 2 ways. Either they have a robust HR team that works on a smart application tracking system to streamline recruitment process or they outsource the hiring to a third party. But either way, the businesses invest too much of money and energy in hiring and nurturing talents.

Outsourcing 2.0 is an another way to go about it which is dedicated to the exact requirements of clients, where goals of each parties are aligned, and helps businesses to put up additional resources at a faster rate still being asset light. It is different from conventional offshore outsourcing which worked on variable profit model and maintained bench.

AgileAxis has now come up with a unique model of “Custom Hiring” for fast paced businesses. We work on “No Bench” strategy where we maintain a pool of pre-screened candidates through a multiple interview rounds to help businesses hire the best among best. We hunt for killer resources specific to distinct needs of our clients to support their specialized tech teams and enable them hire resources that they like unlike supplying resources from bench. These resources then work from our office in Jaipur, India backed up by highly advanced technological and support systems saving the businesses to invest on assets to support a larger team onshore.

This way, businesses can now hire faster and save more on hiring and managing talent while keeping their focus on other vital activities of scale their business.