Why you should hire teams over individuals?

Back Why you should hire teams over individuals?

Hiring the right talent is difficult and we all know that. But even if we find the right talent, we need people to collaborate and perform well on teams and not just individually. The conventional team and incentive model focussed more on individual growths and not on teams. This individualized focus does not let team dwell the trust and confidence among themselves and hampers innovation and eventually capabilities and progress as a team.

So isn’t it better to hire team that already gels in well instead of individuals. Wouldn’t it be better to hire preformed team to fasttrack your product development. All these factors are now forcing companies across domains to try out new models of hiring. The latest addition had been BYOT which reads Bring Your Own Team where the call is for a team instead of individual to solve complex problem at hand or to fill in for a larger role at a company. And there are reasons. Let’s discuss the importance of hiring a team over hiring individuals.

Quality: Teams always have an added advantage over an individual hire in terms of quality of work since the team gives an access to domain specialists who are experts in their area of interest in product development. The team players try to finish their part with highest quality standards to ensure product compatibility with others working on the project. This approach ensure the highest level of quality assurance.

Response Time: Team usually works under peer pressure where most of the times the team players have interdependent tasks. Under such conditions, the members of team work on a smaller response time which ensures timely delivery of the product.

Cost: Hiring a dedicated team for a project is usually cost effective than hiring individuals. It is so because of two major reasons. First, the hidden costs like HR, management, support etc. are not factored in while comparing the remuneration for an individual or a team. Second, the better quality and the shorter response time while working as a team pulls down the cost per task or project in a longer run.

Now team could be hired onsite or offsite. While outsourcing the work to offshore specialists, the company could keep its costs under control while leverage the power of additional pool of talent at its outsourcing partner’s end.

Here at AgileAxis, we assemble top-performing teams of engineers and developers specific to the requirements of project. For E.G., we operate as an extended team for BlackBerry both onsite in Silicon Valley as well as offsite in India and have become a core part of their software development strategy for over 3 years now. We can be reached at info@agileaxis.com if you are looking forward to build high-performing tech teams.