Good Platform Development Partner

Good Platform Development Partner
Good Dynamic (GD) Secure Mobility Platform:
The Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform integrates app containerization, MAM, an enterprise app store, MDM and more, simplifying the creation of mobile apps and the management of apps, data, and devices. Without compromising on security, organizations can ensure users get the right apps on their mobile device, regardless of ownership model. Use Good Dynamics platform to create engaging mobile apps for business users and let the platform take care of all the security, backend, and infrastructure services your apps need.
AgileAxis team has extensive understanding of Good Dynamics platform on iOS and Android and help you integrate with it.
Good Enterprise Mobility Server (GEMS) platform:
The Good Enterprise Mobility Server provides powerful enterprise integration services to Exchange, Lync and many other systems mobilizing key business data. The integrated services offered by GEMS currently comprise Connect, Presence, Push Notifications, Docs, Follow-Me (for Good Launcher), Directory (GAL) Lookup, and Analytics. GEMS architecture also provides connectors to various document management repositories like File Share, SharePoint etc. 
AgileAxis team has developed various connectors and help you develop for your document management system.
Whether your needs are developing a new iOS/Android app or integrating the existing App to GD platform or testing the various configuration, we can help provide custom resources to fit your business goals.