We enable healthcare service providers to improve efficiency, optimize costs, develop mobility, streamline processes and focus on patient care. Our IT solutions will bring you closer to your patients and help you manage your services better.

Retail & E-commerce

We offer support for online retailers as well as established brick and mortar enterprises. We help you increase customer loyalty through an analytics-driven approach applied throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from marketing to post-sales support.


Build solutions for Education industry to include automation of back-office functions, e-learning solutions, web portals and online knowledge sharing applications, taking quizes/exams for educational institutions.

Media & Publishing

From developing mobile apps to designing Content Management Systems, we can enable media and publishing firms to reach their customers via multiple channels, present content in an engaging format and draw customer participation.

Hospitality & Leisure

We can help travel operators and hospitality providers in building their tour management systems and enhancing social media/search engine optimization. We specialize in enterprise solutions and mobility solutions featuring website applications and mobile apps development.

Real Estate & Construction

We can provide an IT-based platform for architects, engineers, contractors and workers spread across sites to communicate, collaborate, manage and report in a simple, structured and secured manner. Our IT solutions will integrate all functions - procurement, accounting and operations - to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

Financial Services

Our focus is to improve your customer acquisition through process management, campaign analytics and technology-driven efficiency while increasing your back office collections. Additionally, we save you cost and protect you from risk in retail payment frauds by deploying investigative assessment tools and analytics as part of our Risk Management strategy.


At AgileAxis, we partner with all stakeholders in the industry - telecom service providers, carriers and mobile handset manufacturers. We enable telecom companies to constantly stay updated on the technological front to build competitive advantage.

Fashion & Apparels

We are experts at e-commerce solutions and mobile apps development which will help you expand your reach to customers and improve their shopping experience. We provide IT solutions for demand management and inventory optimization which integrate your supply chain and sales functions for a smooth and efficient process.

Food & Beverages

We work with food and beverage companies and understand their business concerns. Be it demand forecasting or response time, our customized IT solutions help you shorten your cycle time and optimize inventory without compromising on cost aspects.

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